The End of the Dial with Garth Mullins

radio dial with lights

November 20 0300 UTC (Wednesday 19 November at 10pm Eastern) – Global 24 presented a program with Garth Mullins about “The End of the Dial” and the future of radio. This program originally aired on CBC earlier this year.

About the Program

Video was supposed to kill the radio star. Now we’re told the internet is going to finish it off. There are budget cuts, radio signals are dropping off the dial and transmitters are being mothballed. But Garth Mullins isn’t ready to pull the plug just yet. He’s been a radio-head from the start, listening to shortwave, working in community radio and now making programs and podcasts. And he’s hearing a radio renaissance.

Garth talks to Elizabeth Hay, author of Late Nights On Air about radio in the north. Digital media scholar Ethan Zuckerman argues that radio is still important in a wired world. Garth also meets up with Ryan McMahon, Anishinaabe comedian and podcast media maker. Ira Glass, host of This American Life, asks if it’s really necessary to make “a radio show that says, aww, radio is great.” Well, this is that show.

We hear the story of El Salvador’s underground Radio Venceremos and the sounds of Cold War Era Shortwave (thanks to Paul Dougherty). Aljaz Pengov Bitenc from Slovenia’s Radio Kaos talks about WWII antifascist transmissions. Radio static art is provided by Anna Friz.

Garth tunes into new online radio voices like 99% Invisible, The Memory Palace, How Sound, Radiolab and Curious City.

Natural radio recordist Stephen P. McGreevy warns of the continuing need for old-school, terrestrial radio, so that we can talk to each other when the grid goes down.

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Garth received the Jack Webster Journalism Award in 2013 for best feature story in radio and the Canadian Association of Journalists Investigative journalism Open Broadcast 2014 award for The Imaginary Albino which aired on CBC Radio. His work has appeared in the Vancouver SunGeorgia StraightRabble.caThe Two Row Times,MegaphoneVice and on CBC Radio One. Garth holds a masters degree in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics and received the Carole Geller Human Rights Award, along with Democracy Street, a group he co-founded. He has been a frequent public speaker at conferences, university & high school classes, in the media and at protests all over Canada.