‘Breasts are easy to get through metal detectors’, Ukrainian Femen protest founder says | SWI (Switzerland)

Anna Hutsol (swissinfo) Photo

WMWatchWorld Media Watch Recommends – Ukraine Crisis – SWI (Switzerland) Reporting:

‘Breasts are easy to get through metal detectors’ | SWI (Switzerland)

The SWI (swissinfo.ch) headline refers to the Ukrainian Femen protest movement founder Anna Hutsol’s comment. She was interviewed by Switzerland’s SWI, swissinfo.ch. She had requested asylum in Switzerland, which was subsequently denied. (Photo: swissinfo)

“The founder of the Ukrainian Femen protest movement, Anna Hutsol, is in Switzerland as an asylum seeker but has been denied refugee status. In an interview with swissinfo.ch, she describes how the topless protests emerged and gives her opinion on Crimea.”

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