Vatican Radio continues excellent reporting from Ukraine

Church in Kiev, Ukraine

Church in Kiev, UkraineVatican Radio continues its excellent reporting from Ukraine, bringing information and perspectives that other media outlets sometimes do not provide.

Vatican Radio’s Linda Bordoni spoke to Bogdan Voron who is a reporter in Kiev and the creator of one of the Maidan art projects.

He told her that some of the police from the Western city of Lviv have arrived in Kiev to protect the protesters. He also said that they wear special signs on their uniforms showing that they are on the side of the protest. They are now patrolling the streets together with the Maidan self-defense units.

Vatican Radio also reported that Pope Francis on Friday had special words of greeting for the Ukrainian Cardinals who were participating in the morning Consistory Session in the Vatican. On Wednesday, the pope called for peace in Ukraine.

Listen to the interview with Bogdan Voron

The Ukrainian people lend support and solidarity to Kiev protesters

Fri, Feb 21, 2014
Source: Vatican Radio (Vatican)